Pajarescopic!: Shut Up, Atheist, You’re Annoying

Atheism is the disbelief in God. You don’t have a religion, you don’t think God exists. That’s it. But when you first start to call yourself an atheist you go through a phase where you are so into it. You watch hours and hours of clips of the famous advocates like the late Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins “destroying” arguments about religion, you become over enthusiastic when people around you mentions something related to religion, you even lead the initially sane conversation to a debate about the existence of God. It’s just a phase, and it gradually wear out on you. That’s not the case for everyone, unfortunately, and over time they become as annoying as these awkward high school students that are totally obsessed with the specific spin of Christianity that they are a member of.

They’re the Internet Atheists

One of the ridiculous things about these particular atheists is that they are allergic to the name “Jesus Christ”, and spell it as “Jizzaz Fries” or some variation of that stupid nickname. It’s absolutely genius to them. And brave. I think they see themselves as Mel Gibson in Brave Heart when they do that. They also hate the word “lord” and “God” and spell it as “rold” and “dog”. They’re the Mhots of atheism.

This is another account dedicated to debating old people who don’t know much about modern technology and high school choir members

They have their favorite words though, and those are “critical thinking”, “reason”, “science”, and “argument”. They just love it. You can observe this in their social media, in the comments, posts. You instantly know that a person is an atheist if you see them comment along the lines of “that’s not a valid argument, you can’t prove something doesn’t exist”, or “that’s not how you debate”. Their crazy about debating people, especially in the internet. Every time they see a page about religion they go through the comment section and try to debate some poor Youth For Christ member.

These Christopher Hitchens without the intellect want to debate and “destroy” theists so bad they even provoke people by posting pictures of Satan, edited pictures of Jesus. It’s courageous to them, and they pat each other’s back for being brave.

The message I want to get across here is, if you are an atheist, can you please shut up about it? You’re not any smarter because of your atheism. Or at least don’t bring it up too often, for the Spaghetti Monster’s sake, especially on social media. You’re no different from these girls on twitter that dedicate their whole being to Kpop groups.

3 thoughts on “Pajarescopic!: Shut Up, Atheist, You’re Annoying”

    1. Hahahahaha kaya nga e. Dami ko ding kilala 😂 atheist din ako pero di ko naman yun ginagawang buong identity ko 😂

      Btw, thank you sa follow and likes! 😊😊😊


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